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Wow was produced to make money but it was created by a set of folks that were excited about creating a new gaming expierence with classic wow gold. A more user friendly mmo that was simplier to play and required less of a dedication. A way to allow them to bring their warcraft world to life. MMO's rarely make a good deal of money especially prior to wow. That love and passion is gone, what's about making profits. They are no more craftsman they are sales people. They'll put a cash shop in WoW Classic after the numbers start falling after WoW Classics been outside for a couple years. Boosts to 60 and wow tokens will eventually make their way into WoW Classic. Why wouldn't they? As it needs to be kept pure for your fans? Do you really think that matters?

Finally nearly all people may unsub they will squeeze the last out of WoW Classic and then based on the money thats been made launch TBC. Either release TBC that will definitely make money and require a lot less time to develop or keep vanilla microtransaction free, produce new content and possibly class balances the community is broken over and could possibly cause a flop? Which one do you think they will choose given that they did not wish to make WoW Classic in the first location? In addition, I don't think that is a bad thing that is exactly what will most likely end up happening.Considering folks have been playing vanilla personal servers for years and still don't get sick of it says a lot about WoW Classic. I think also if it's super effective perhaps will make a WoW Classic reforged(using all these servers) with harder raids and mechanisms in them and class tweaks to make more class specs viable for that spectacle.

A LOT of people joined WoW Classic too late and did not get to experience most of the content or didn't even bother looking to the meta. Apart from those who played vanilla on private servers, the majority of people have not played WoW Classic at the level. I don't believe the meta things as far as people believe it will, strategies for supervisors is always pretty much worked out within a few days anyway, direct videos and BiS lists would not take long to make even if the content was fresh. I put 3 years into a vanilla machine and mained one character I did not really get bored either, doing progression raids was still fun even after I removed naxx I had things to do and obtaining rank 13 (not HWL since the reward for casters is easily superseeded). WoW Classic will be the first time most people are going to be able to play vanilla on a good online connection with an adequate computer as well. Onto a piece of shit computer that would run at like 20fps through raids with all the settings on low.

Fantastic video as always, however while I agree with you on most of the things I truly expect Retail will not become a casuals fantasy theme park. I would be very unhappy if the hardcore with cheap wow gold classic, and lets be fair by hardcore you imply great players but can't actually say that, just give up on Retail and go for WoW Classic. There are already so few players to perform with.
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